The main Input options are 'Reactivity' and 'Depth', which allow for a dynamic trend following strategy that works on all time frames and assets. Using these values the strategy will print the bundles main ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ signals to try and identify the trend early and accurately. Their main functions are to dynamically calculatevolatilityand current trend direction – but we’ve gone more in-depth below!


Reactivity controls how quickly the Algo reacts to changes in trend. This part of the bundle takes into account theAverage True Range(ATR) to gauge current marketvolatilityand direction of the trend. Lowering the reactivity value will generate quicker reaction times of the algorithm as it will lower the threshold ofvolatilityrequired for a signal to be generated. Therefore, it’ll show trades more frequently.

Depth controls the position of the signals according to the trend swing. Calculated using a variation of the Average Direction Index (ADX) to measure the changes in prices over a given period, when running parallel to the Reactivityvolatilityfilter the trend can be identified quickly and accurately on any given time frame or asset. Higher Depth will allow for less frequent and slower entries. In contrast, lower Depth will give more frequent and earlier entries.

The default settings are the best settings we’ve found so far but you can change them to build your own unique trading strategy. We’d recommend experimenting with these values to find the best results for the asset you are trading, and your own personal trading and investing style.

Direction for use:
1. Use on any asset class and time frame.
2. Fine tune the Reactivity (volatility) and Depth (trend sensitivity).
3. Enter Long on ‘Buy’ signal after candle close, enter Short on ‘Sell’ signal after candle close.
4. Exit position on opposite entry signal, for example if you’re currently in a Long position and a ‘Sell’ signal is printed, close your Long position at the candle close, even if you do not plan on shorting and vice versa.

As mentioned previously, this is a trend base system that dynamically operates to function with superior accuracy regardless of what you’re trading. But with the level of customisation available, this can easily be fine tuned to accommodate scalping, reversal trading, or even long term investing.

The Dashboard shows the most relevant and real-time information within a simple panel on the chart. It includes three sections. The first section showsVolatility,Volume, Current Sentiment. The second section shows Trends from a 1-minute timeframe to a Month. The third section shows current trade with Variable TP 1, TP 2, TP 3 (calculated using a combination of S/R levels and ATR values), and Maximum Profit for the current trade that could have been entered using this bundle.